How to apply

When you apply to study with Western Sydney University Online, you have our support throughout every step of the process.

One of our dedicated Course Consultants will speak to you over the phone to ensure you’re enrolling in the right course for you and have everything you need to submit your application with ease.

Applying is simple, just follow these steps:

1. Chat to a Course Consultant

Call and speak to one of our dedicated Course Consultants on 1300 050 928. They are skilled in helping you select the right degree.

Your Course Consultant will take time to understand your needs and make sure that your study options will help you reach your career goals.

2. Send through your documents

Once you select your degree, the next step is to make it formal. Your Course Consultant will take you through the enrollment process, step-by-step.

They’ll help you complete any necessary documents and find out whether you’re eligible for other benefits such as HECS-HELP/ FEE-HELP or credit transfers for past work experience or study.

3. You’re in

It’s that easy. Once you complete the application process over the phone, you’ll be enrolled in your course.

Your course consultant will give you the information you need to get started.