How online study works

Dynamic. Engaging. Supportive.

Western Sydney University Online offers a unique learning environment.

Here you can achieve your study goals while enjoying the flexibility offered by studying online.

Online classroom

Our students don’t listen to lecture recordings and read along with lecture slides. Our online learning classroom is highly dynamic and user friendly. The learning materials are readily available in varied platforms and facilitated by trained online coaches.

Flexible study

Our flexible online environment means you can log on and learn when it suits you. Connect with your classmates and Online Learning Advisors to work through weekly study materials and partake in inspiring discussions. Quizzes, chatting on discussion boards and team work will further your understanding of your course. On top of that, our time management tool will help you stay organised and manage your time efficiently.

Supportive environment

There are plenty of assessment support services at your fingertips, which means you can feel confident you’re always submitting your best work. Your Online Learning Advisors have teacher training that is specific to online learning and are subject matter experts in your coursework.

What can I study?

We currently offer a range of bachelor degrees in business and social science:

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Want to know more?

Western Sydney University Online is more than a place to get a qualification, it is an engaged online community of students and academics.

With seven day support and discussion boards and private messaging within each subject, you will never feel alone when you’re logged on.

Thinking about enrolling or would like to learn more about studying with Western Sydney University Online, get in touch with one of our Course Consultants today.