Bachelor of Nursing

Become a nurse. Make a difference.

Our Bachelor of Nursing degree was designed to help you develop into a confident and capable nurse. You’ll learn to look beyond an illness in isolation and focus on a person’s wellbeing as a whole.

By the end of your Bachelor of Nursing degree you will be equipped with all the skills necessary to be an outstanding health professional. You will have the nursing knowledge to understand and analyse a patient’s needs and the confidence and experience to give them the best care possible. You’re the support they really need.

Study and graduate from a university that’s ranked number one for Nursing in Australia (CWUR 2017), and in the world’s Top 100 (QS Top Universities 2020).

The online Bachelor of Nursing offering is accredited by the Australian Nurses and Midwives Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Please note: additional English language proficiency requirements set by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) must be declared and met before you are eligible to commence study in the Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University Online.

Please ensure you read through the Course Requirement and Professional Accreditation information prior to applying.

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4 years full time 



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Entry Criteria

Entry criteria

We accept any one of the following, provided you meet the minimum requirements relating to that criteria:

  • Certificate IV, in any field with work experience
  • Completion or partial completion of tertiary study
  • Completion of Year 12 HSC (or equivalent), with a minimum required ATAR
  • Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC)
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

Western Sydney University’s Inherent Requirements

Entry criteria
How it all works

Our Bachelor of Nursing degree was designed to help you develop into a confident and capable nurse.

In order to help you achieve this, we’ve structured our course with only one thing in mind: giving you the best learning experience we possibly can.

Find out more about how studying nursing online works. We explain all the basics and break down your course into online units, clinical practice units and placement units.

How it works

Course Units

During each teaching period, you must complete two units. We’ve highlighted below how those units will be structured. Find out more about how your online nursing degree will be structured.

Year 1.

Primary Health Care in Action

Professional Practice Experience 1

Professional Communication in Nursing

Bioscience 1

Human Relationships and Life Transitions

Approaches to Professional Nursing Practice

Year 2.

Professional Practice Experience 2

Bioscience 2

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Health

Research for Nursing and Midwifery

Professional Practice Experience 3

Health Variations 1 – Perioperative

Year 3.

Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing 1

Health Variations 2: Chronic Illness and Disability

Professional Practice Experience 4

Health Variations 3 – Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Conditions

Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing 2

Health Variations 4 – Acute Life Threatening Conditions

Year 4.

Professional Practice Experience 5

Health Variations 5 – Palliative and End of Life Care

Clinical Leadership and Professional Relationships

Being a Professional Nurse of Midwife

Professional Practice Experience 6


We are here to support you when you need it. Our dedicated support team are available over the phone or online seven days a week to answer all your questions. From technical support through to academic questions, we have the tools and people to make your study journey achievable and enjoyable.

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Career Opportunities

Registered Nurse

As a Registered Nurse, provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other health care facilities in the community.

Acute Care Nurse

Provide intensive short-term care for patients, such as during recovery from surgery or for an urgent medical condition. As a front-line care position, you will be prepared for diverse situations each day.

Specialist Nursing

Use your nursing knowledge to specialise your skills into a particular area, from aged care to mental health, palliative care and onwards. Channel your focus to the area of healthcare you’re most passionate about.

Beyond Clinical Practice

Use your dynamic healthcare skillset and knowledge to branch out and make an impact outside of Clinical Practice. Become a Nurse Educator, an Academic, Policy Developer or Manager with your Nursing credentials.

Learning at Western Sydney University Online

A unique opportunity

Our Bachelor of Nursing is a degree from a university ranked among the top 2% in the world. An innovative combination of online learning and real life experience, including labs and clinical placements, will equip you with highly sought after skills and knowledge.

Your online community

At Western Sydney University Online, you will join an online community of health professionals. Taught by specially trained online coaches, this degree has been designed to help you kick-start your career in nursing. The connections you make could be the next step to a career opportunity.

Learning that suits you

Our flexible approach to learning means you can log on and learn any time that suits you. When you study nursing online with us, you will be the master of your own schedule in an innovative online classroom.

Study nursing online.