Balancing study with family life.


Studying as a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Trying to find time to fit study around school hours, nap times and after school activities can be a bit of a juggling act. Our tips for balancing study with family life are sure to keep everyone in the family smiling and your assignments as good as finished.

Prepare snacks before you start studying.
Hungry people are cranky people, no matter what their age. Before you start studying, prepare some healthy and tasty snacks for both yourself and the kids. Full tummies will keep potential tantrums at bay so you can study without interruption. Just as important as making sure the kids are looked after, have some fruit, biscuits, dips, muesli bars or yoghurt handy to snack on while you’re studying.

Make study a family activity.
If you have young children, get them to do their own ‘study’ at the same time and set up an activity table with colouring pencils, stickers and paper near your desk so they can keep busy while you’re studying. If you have older children, encourage them to do their homework while you do yours. Make studying a family activity where you all complete similar tasks in unison.

Talk about what you’ve learned with your family.
Keep your family in the loop with your study. Put a study planner on the fridge, and talk to them about the topics you’re stiyding and whether you have any major assignments coming up. Building a support network and keeping your family involved will help you reach your study goals.

Study during nap time.
Take advantage of this time. If you have young children, the best time to study is when they are napping. Make sure you have your study space all set up and ready to go before you put them down. That way you can get stuck into it as soon as you hear those adorable little snores coming from their bedrooms.

Make time for yourself.
While it’s important to study regularly, if you don’t schedule in some time to relax, socialise and exercise, you might burn out.  Go for a walk, catch up with a friend for a coffee or go to the movies with your partner. Do whatever works for you and take time out regularly to look after yourself.

Choosing to study as a parent is a big decision, and we take our hats off to all the super mums and dads that balance study with family life. Remember, if you need support or study assistance, please reach out to your Student Advisors.

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