Exams with Western Sydney University Online.


We want you to be ready. We want you to succeed. We want you to reach your goals.

Most students have exams each teaching period. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea. However, they’re an essential form of assessment. And the more preparation you do, the more confident you’ll be.

Here’s what you need to know to give yourself the best chance of blitzing your exams:

When are exams?
Exams are held at the end of every teaching period. Exam week varies each teaching period, so please check the important dates calendar.

You will receive your personal exam timetable in Week 7, and in Week 9, you will receive more information about your exam venue. The materials you are permitted to bring to your exams will also be available in your units from Week 9.

Exam attendance.
Exam attendance is compulsory. They are governed by rules and regulations to ensure academic integrity and student equity. Please make sure you go to your exams. Please note, personal travel does not qualify for alternative exam dates.

Student ID cards.
You need to bring your student ID card along to every exam that you sit. Haven’t ordered your student ID card? Just fill out this form and send it to campus. Easy.

Exam preparation.
Get exam ready. Start off by creating a positive study space. If you’re more productive studying in the kitchen, study in the kitchen. If you need to disconnect to improve your concentration, log out of Facebook. If listening to Justin Timberlake motivates you to make great study notes, create a JT study playlist. Make decisions that make you a better student.

We have some great tips on improving your memory for exams, and managing study stress. Look after yourself and find a healthy balance between work and play.

Be ready. Succeed. Reach your goals.

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