Fight procrastination. Get studying.

We know how hard it can be sometimes to build up the motivation to study. There will always be a job around the house that needs to be done or an episode to finish watching.


But when is the right time to draw the line, knuckle down and do some work? In other words, how can you best avoid procrastinating your study?

We want you to strive for the best results possible on all of your upcoming assignments and exams. And feel motivated to get there. So here are some of our top tips for overcoming procrastination.

Make a schedule.

Everyone is guilty of putting off work at one time or another. Whether you want to stay in bed for a little bit longer, or tell yourself you can wait another half an hour because you didn’t start at 10am on the dot. A proper study schedule can help to break these habits.

Start by planning out your week with immovable appointments, such as shifts at work and gym classes. You will then have an idea of how much time remains for study and most-importantly free time. Then go through and put in all of your previously planned social events, if you are going out for dinner or have a birthday party on the weekend.

The next task is to put in blocks of study-time, and don’t be unrealistic. Block out no more than two hours at a time and ensure that you follow it up with some free-time later that day. Use this free time to recharge and even do some exercise for wellbeing. Whilst every week is bound to be different, following a study schedule will help you create a great routine that you will stick to, and keep you from excess procrastination.

Limit your distractions.

It’s one thing to make it to your desk and open your laptop at the time you scheduled. But who’s to say how much work is going to get done? In order to make the most of your study time you need to limit distractions. You need to be prepared.

Just before it’s time to settle in and get productive, it’s a great idea to have all of your study resources ready. Set up you laptop and charger, get out your notes, calculator, pens and snacks. The more organised you are beforehand, the less you’ll need to interrupt your study time.

If you live with your family, housemates or pets who can be noisy, plug in your headphones and give a few study playlists a go. And be sure to keep your phone in another room or at least face down on silent. You’ve motivated yourself this far, there will always be time for social media later.

Set yourself up for study.

To optimise your study, ensure that you are both physically and mentally set up comfortably to work. It’s important to claim a personal study space where you feel at ease and focused. It could be a bench, dining table or private study. You may even need to invest in a new chair or table that suits your needs. But it’s well worth being comfortable when you are aiming to get productive.

The same goes for the clothes you wear when you study. Ensure you are a good temperature when you settle in. Overheating can make you flustered and a cold chill will have you craving your bed. Some students enjoy studying in their pyjamas and slippers. Others choose to put on some activewear and runners to feel energised. Uncomfortable or distracting clothes, as well as hair in your face, are not ideal for your focus.

Mindset is most important when you study. If you have a negative attitude towards your assignments, you’ll never be motivated to complete them. Don’t like one of your units? It’s a good idea to look at it as just another stepping stone to graduation. A positive mindset going into study is going to make you more productive. If you are feeling particularly down on a certain day, treat yourself to a break.

So get organised. Plan out your week, throw away all of the distractions and prepare your body and mind for study. Overcome procrastination for good.

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