How to lift yourself out of a study slump.


It can be hard to focus when you’ve got assignments due and exams to start preparing for down the line. If you find yourself in a study slump, we’ve got some tips to help lift yourself out of it and back to feeling motivated.


Have a change of scenery

If you’ve been studying in the same space for a while, it might be time to change it up. If you prefer to study at home, try rearranging your room or study area. Ensure it’s a positive space that’s comfortable, clutter free and far away from distractions.

If that doesn’t work, try getting out and about. Your local library is a great place to study in a quiet, spacious and studious environment where you can feel motivated by those around you. A local café may also provide the perfect location to finish that assignment or prepare for exams.

Set goals for yourself

If you find your to-do list start to pile up, try writing it out as a set of goals. This will help you visualise what needs to be done by setting yourself deadlines and holding yourself accountable. Maximise your time by starting with lighter tasks and building on your small successes. Reviewing your goals and celebrating your progress will also help keep you motivated.

Mix up your study technique

Think about changing the way you study or organise information. Everyone learns and retains information differently, but a change of method could help refresh your mind.

Try taking your study offline, and handwrite your notes or key information. Create index or flash cards for important techniques or theories you can easily go over. If you work while you study, record yourself talking through your notes and use your commute to revise.

Look after yourself

The most important thing you can do when you study is to look after yourself physically and mentally. Are you exercising regularly? Try to commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day and ensure you take breaks while you’re studying.

A good sleeping pattern is also essential to keeping your mind sharp, as a lack of regular sleep can affect your focus and ability to retain information.

Don’t forget to also schedule in some time for yourself. Spending time with your friends and family or doing something you enjoy may be just what you need.


Following these tips can help you break out of that study slump. Don’t forget to contact your Student Advisors if you need more assistance.