How to tackle your first assignment.

Whether you have just come back from a study break or are kick starting your very first unit, we know it can be hard to get into the groove with your very first assignment.


Your brain has had a rest from study. You may feel at a loss with where to start. Never fear. We have some top tips to help you tackle your first assignment.

Set yourself up.

So you’re a few weeks into the teaching period and your first assignment is fast approaching. It’s time to get set-up with everything you may need for some productive study. This starts with creating a positive study space to work in. Get comfortable and disconnect with some snacks at the ready.

Now you’re in a good space physically. How about mentally? Write yourself out a study schedule, put on a study playlist and get into a positive mindset. Social media and online shopping can wait. You should have everything you need to get started.

Check your resources.

You should be provided with not only an assignment description, but also a criteria sheet and maybe even an example piece. Use these resources to your advantage. Your OLAs will be telling you exactly what they want out of your work in the provided information.

Remember, you also have resources to use from your course material such as suggested readings for quotes. References may come at the bottom of your assignment, but they should be first on your to-do list. You require evidence to support the arguments that you make. So work your structure around the content that you can find from the experts first.

Get started early.

There’s no point wasting time. Create a weekly plan that works for both you and your due date and start working. Some people may be happy to begin writing from day one. But if that strategy puts you off, start with a plan.

Decide what you want to argue in each part of your assignment with relevant quotes and start expanding in dot point form. Before you know it, you’ll be halfway through your word count.

Still need help with your writing direction? Why not try completing both your introduction and conclusion before the body. This will give you a clearer path from start to finish.

So stop putting off the inevitable. Shut out all distractions. Open up your laptop. And get started.

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