Music for the mind. Our top study playlists.

You might have exams this teaching period or just an upcoming assignment to get cracking on. Either way, it’s time to set yourself up to focus.


We get that everyone studies differently. But productivity needs to start by blocking out all external distractions. Build yourself a positive study space. Pick up some noise cancelling headphones, or seize yourself a private room with a speaker. Study music is essential to get you in the zone.

Check out our top study playlist picks below. There is a range of different styles and genres of music to help you focus. So why not try something new?

  1. Study Zone

Starting with something familiar but not too distracting to listen to, Study Zone is home to soft pop. Think some acoustic Ed Sheeran or light Beyonce ballads to get you in a good groove. For those in need of more of a mood boost, head to Pop Study.

  1. Study Soundtrack

Designed to accompany and even enhance audience focus in TV series, films and video games, soundtracks and scores are perfect background buffering to your studies. This playlist will allow you to focus on the task at hand whilst enjoying some great music.

  1. Intense Studying

The more traditional of study playlists, Intense Studying holds all of the classical and instrumental tracks that you could need. Save this one for the tail end of the teaching period. It’s likely you’ll be craving something more calming than top 40. And it may even help you study better.

  1. Deep Focus

Need to get a lot of work done in one sitting? Give Deep Focus’ ‘atmospheric music’ a try. These ambient tunes won’t distract you with any catchy melodies. Prepare yourself to be set into a natural rhythm of work, with extended concentration.

  1. Study Break

It’s not healthy to cram for hours on end without breaks. Take some time out in between study times with some mood-boosting tunes.

Study Break’s upbeat songs will give your mind a break from concentrating. Why not enjoy them with a dance around the house? It will help you stretch and wake up your body from study.

  1. Our guilty pleasure

Disney Score to Study to, of course.

So get the music going and the motivation pumping. It’s time to knuckle down and study.

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