The support you need to help you succeed.

When you study with Western Sydney University Online, you’re never alone. We want you to do well. And that is why we aim to provide you with all of the support you need to help you succeed.


From enrolment through to graduation we have a dedicated support network offering assistance with academic, technical, administrative and personal help.

Student Advisors.

Your Student Advisors are your number one go-to when it comes to most of the questions that you may have as a current student. And with their 7 day, extended hours availability, they can help you out no matter how busy your week may be.

Student Advisors are equipped for assistance in many areas of student life. Be it enrolment and course planning, technical issues or even research, writing and referencing your assignments, they can help you out. If they are unable to answer your questions, they will be sure to find someone who can. You can rely on them.

Online Learning Advisors.

Your Online Learning Advisors (OLAs) are essentially your tutors for the units that you choose. Each unit will have a different OLA as they are all content experts in different areas of study. Any questions that relate directly to particular units, be it assessment tasks, learning materials, or anything in the online classroom need to be directed to your OLA.

Throughout your studies you will connect with a number of OLAs. This means that you will have an enormous wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. So definitely make the most of it.

Online community.

Our learning environment is built in an ideal way for you to stay in touch with your peers and get the support that you need. The student hub is where you will have access to a number of study resources to assist you throughout the teaching period such as assignment draft feedback services.

Your online classroom also gives you the opportunity to connect with others from smaller sized learning groups to large social discussion boards. This gives you a chance to interact with others who are also choosing to study online. Wherever you are, assistance is available.

Online study is not just an alternative to campus. With these great support options available to all students, now is the perfect time to make the most out of your studies.

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