Top five signs you need a career change.


Are you constantly thinking “what if”? What if you had chosen a different degree all those years ago? What if you had taken a different career path? It is easy to get stuck in a career rut and let the comfort of job security take control.

The important thing to remember is that it’s not too late to redirect your future—the best time is now! Taking the first steps towards a new career doesn’t have to be as daunting as it once was. Studying online allows you to easily blend your study load with current work or family commitments.

If you can relate to any of these five signs it may be time to think more seriously about a career change.

1. You dread the working week
Let’s face it, no one loves a Monday, it is a reminder to us all that the weekend is officially over. But if Sunday night rolls round and the dread of doing it all again is crippling, then it may be time for a fresh start. And guess what? There are lots of people out there who actually love what they do.

2. Your motivations are all wrong
You love the money and the casual Fridays but you hate the work– this is a huge red flag! Over time the negatives will far outweigh these small positives and it will take a noticeable toll on your overall job satisfaction. It may even affect the achievement of the almost impossible enigma that is work-life balance. It’s time – upskill and move on.

3. Your heart’s not in it
Boredom is just the start of it. You are an expert procrastinator, taking hours to complete a small task, you are no stranger to a sick day and you can’t think of anything worse than moving your way up the ‘corporate ladder’ at your current workplace. Make way for someone that would thrive in your role and find the courage to try something new.

4. You feel that you have so many unused talents
You feel that you have an untapped talent that is just waiting to be explored. But at your current workplace there is no room for growth and you are stuck using the same skills day in and day out. This is not necessarily a bad thing when you are considering a new career. Many people don’t realise that their skills are transferable across multiple roles and industries. Transitioning into a new career through online study will help you develop your underused talents while learning to repurpose your current skills.

5. Your passions lie elsewhere
Whether you love problem solving and number crunching or you dream of becoming the next MasterChef, your passions don’t have to be ‘just a hobby’. Start looking forward to telling someone about what you do for work and more importantly telling them why you love it.

Now, before you throw your computer out the window and quit on the spot, take a step back. Do your research and make an informed career decision that’s right for you.

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