Culture, Subjectivities and Schooling

Subject Code: TEAC 7023

Contact hours: 10 hours per week

Subject Description

This subject focuses on the socio-political, economic and cultural environment that shapes teacher and student subjectivities.

Teachers are required to understand a variety of discourses and ideologies that affect schooling, teaching and learning, in an increasingly globalised world.

Within this framework, you will gain a greater understanding of the diversity of individuals and the broader Australian community, as a lens to help you promote equitable practices in schooling.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their relationship to schooling will also be explored in this subject, providing pre-service teachers with deeper understandings of Australia’s First Nations people.

Developing understandings of society, culture and the formation of subjectivities will promote an enhanced awareness of equity issues as well as crucial analytical and critical tools to address the needs of diverse students, their families, teachers, and the broader school community.

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