Teaching and Learning in Classrooms

Subject Code: TEAC 7141

Contact hours: 10 hours per week

Subject Description

This subject is designed to prepare students for their role as active, thoughtful leaders of learning environments for primary students.

You will come to an understanding of their trajectory as professional learners as they develop a deeper understanding of who they are as teachers. The portfolio you begin in this subject will be a vehicle for you to reflect deeply on emerging skills and understandings, and will form an important part of your development of a critical perspective of their practice as a teacher.

Building on previous understanding about how children learn, you will plan lesson sequences using a range of teaching strategies. By doing so you will familiarise yourself with the processes needed to implement the mandated national and state curriculums in diverse classrooms.

A study of techniques to create safe and well managed learning environments where school students feel a sense of ownership of their learning will aid successful completion of the associated practicum subject. The practice of continuous assessment, planning, implementation and reflection that is the curriculum cycle will provide an organising principle around which the understandings gained in the curriculum subjects can be built.

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