Why you should study a degree combining psychology and criminology.

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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the human mind and dive into the thrilling field of crime and justice? Imagine the possibilities when psychology and criminology combine, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the human psyche and its link to criminal behaviour.

If you’re seeking an exciting challenge and a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions and values, a degree combining psychology and criminology is the perfect choice.


Exploring the synergy of psychology and criminology.

How do psychology and criminology come together? They form a dynamic partnership, shedding light on human behaviour and its connection to criminal activities. By merging these fields, you gain a complete understanding of the psychological factors that influence crime. You can analyse crime comprehensively, develop effective prevention strategies, and actively contribute to the pursuit of justice.


Career opportunities in thriving fields.

With a degree in psychology and criminology, a world of career opportunities awaits you, including:

  • Social worker: Make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities by providing support, counselling, and advocacy.
  • Programs manager: Oversee and coordinate programs and initiatives aimed at addressing social issues and improving community well-being.
  • Correctional officer: Work within the criminal justice system, ensuring the safety and security of correctional facilities and promoting rehabilitation.
  • Crime analyst: Analyse crime data and patterns to aid law enforcement agencies in understanding criminal behaviour and developing effective strategies.
  • Policy advisor: Contribute to the development and implementation of policies aimed at addressing social issues and promoting justice.
  • Drug and alcohol support services worker: Provide support and guidance to individuals struggling with substance abuse, helping them on their path to recovery.

Want to help people with mental health, provide guidance, or apply psychology to the legal system? With further study, you can also explore specialised fields like clinical, counselling, and forensic psychology.

Psychology is booming in Australia right now. The field expects a 13.3% job growth in the next five years, and you can explore over 4,500 job opportunities. Plus, with an average salary of $98K and job satisfaction of 4.2, you’ll join a profession of people who love their jobs and have found personal fulfilment.


The power of psychological science and criminology at WSU Online.

The Bachelor of Psychological Science and Criminology offers a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating fields of psychology and criminology. This special degree combines the insights of both disciplines, providing a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour within the context of crime and justice.

With this APAC-accredited degree, you’ll explore criminal profiling, forensic psychology, and the intricate factors contributing to criminal activities. The course also serves as your first step toward becoming a registered psychologist.

The best part? You can pursue this degree entirely online, experiencing the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace. With interactive resources, experienced educators, and a supportive learning community, we empower you to unlock your full potential.


Your future starts here.

Pave your way to a fulfilling career that makes a difference. Ready to take charge of your future? Get in touch with us to discover the incredible opportunities that await you by studying a degree that combines the dynamic fields of psychology and criminology at WSU Online.