Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community)

The society we live in is diverse, complex and fascinating. If you’re interested in what makes the world around you tick and are also passionate about the issues facing families and children, then our online Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) is for you.

Western Sydney University’s Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) gives you the foundation to build a career in human services, with a particular focus on skills to support children and families. Understand how contemporary issues and needs impact a child’s development and the community.

A passport into the world of social science, this degree gives you the knowledge to develop your confidence and competence in the field.

Please note that we are no longer taking enrolments for this teaching period. However, you can register your interest and we will notify you once enrolments open again.

Start Date

Feb, May, Sep




3 years full time  or part time equivalent



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Entry Criteria

Entry criteria

There are many ways you can gain entry into a degree through Western Sydney University Online. We accept any one of the following, provided you meet the minimum requirements relating to that criteria:

  • Cert IV, in any field
  • Completion or partial completion of tertiary study
  • Work experience, in any industry (assessed on a case by case basis)
  • Completion of Year 12 HSC (or equivalent), with a minimum required ATAR
  • Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC)
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

Western Sydney University’s Inherent Requirements

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Course Subjects

You can study full time, part time, or at an accelerated pace and adjust your study load every teaching period, depending what is happening in your life at the time. Choose between one and four subjects every teaching period, factoring in approximately ten hours of study per week and subject.

Core subjects.

People, Place and Social Difference

The Individual in Society

Understanding Society

Introduction to Indigenous Australia: Peoples, Places and Philosophies

Ethics in the Social Sciences

Investigating and Communicating Social Problems

Applied Social Research

Contemporary Social Issues and Professional Practice

Major subjects.

Context of Human Services

Working with Cultural Differences

Community and Social Action

Community Work and Development

Community Management and Organisations

Families and Intimate Life

Child Abuse as a Social Issue

Family Violence: Policy and Practice

Recommended electives.
You can choose any 8 elective subjects, however, 2 of them must be level 3 subjects.

Our Success Stories

"Joining Stars Youth Refuge would have never been possible had I not had this degree. I, along with my fellow board members, have the ability to directly impact the homelessness crisis that teenage girls face in Western Sydney.”

Read Layale’s story.

Layale Jebara | Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community)


We are here to support you when you need it. Our dedicated support team are available over the phone or online seven days a week to answer all your questions. From technical support through to academic questions, we have the tools and people to make your study journey achievable and enjoyable.

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Career Opportunities

Social Advocate

Work on behalf of disadvantaged social groups to further social justice.

Research Assistant

Use multiple streams of data to gather information for social change projects.

Community Development Officer

Bring about social change and improve the quality of life within a community.

Juvenile Justice Worker

Provide counselling, supervision or management to young people detained in a facility.

Learning at Western Sydney University Online

A unique opportunity

Our Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) is an internationally recognised degree from a university ranked among the top 2% in the world. This degree provides you with a strong foundation in social sciences combined with an in-depth understanding of issues facing families and children.

Your online community

At Western Sydney University Online, you will join an online community of leaders. Taught by specially trained online coaches, this degree has been designed to set you up for success. The connections you make could be the next step to a career opportunity.

Learning that suits you

Log on and learn any time that suits you. Study management online and be the master of your own schedule in an innovative online classroom.