Elective subjects enable you to personalise your degree. Choose the elective subjects that will set you up for success or topics that are of interest to you.

Which elective subjects can you choose?

Electives can be chosen from a wide selection of Western Sydney University Online courses. Student Advisors can help you plan your course after you finalise your enrolment.

Why study elective subjects?

While the core subjects in your degree will give you a thorough understanding of your subject of interest, electives allow you to broaden your knowledge further.  Your chosen elective subjects can help you specialise in a specific field of interest, or  simply give you the opportunity to try something new.

When should you choose electives?

Once you have finalised your enrolment, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about the electives you want to complete over the course of your degree. This means you will have a clear picture of what your entire degree will look like.

If you are not sure about what you want to study, you can always select your electives as you go through your course.


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