Criminology for the true crime fan.

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If you’re a true crime enthusiast, the study of criminology is as equally captivating. The exploration of criminal behaviour, justice systems, and the pursuit of truth is genuinely intriguing.

But criminology goes beyond the realm of entertainment. It offers a pathway to a rewarding and impactful career where you can make a difference in society.


Criminology and true crime.

True crime is a hot topic, and for good reason. It’s a fascinating and often disturbing look at the dark side of human nature. But what is the connection between true crime and criminology?

Criminology is the study of crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system. It is a multidisciplinary field that draws on insights from sociology, psychology, law, and other disciplines. Criminologists study the causes of crime, the prevention of crime, and the punishment of criminals.

True crime is the exploration of real-life crime stories, often with a focus on the criminal mind and the justice system. True crime fans are fascinated by the stories of criminals and their victims. They are also interested in the criminal justice system and how it works.

Criminology, thus, can help to explain the true crime stories that you love to read and watch.


Solving true crime mysteries.

Ever wondered how those captivating true crime stories get solved? It’s a mystery that’s fascinated people for centuries. And thanks to the work of criminologists, forensic scientists, and law enforcement, we’re starting to learn more about how these cases are cracked.

Because one of the most important tools in solving true crime mysteries is profiling, criminologists use their knowledge of human behaviour to create profiles of potential suspects. This can help law enforcement focus their investigation and narrow down the list of suspects.

And another important tool is forensic science. Forensic scientists use scientific evidence to help solve crimes. This evidence can include fingerprints, DNA, and other trace evidence. Forensic scientists can also help reconstruct crime scenes and identify victims.

Of course, solving true crime mysteries also requires good old-fashioned detective work. This includes interviewing witnesses, following up on leads, and gathering evidence.


Career pathways for the true crime fan.

True crime is more than thrilling stories. And for those interested in turning their interest into a career, there are many opportunities.

Criminologist: Dive deep into the complexities of criminal behaviour and contribute to the development of evidence-based policies and crime prevention strategies. With a projected job growth of 18.9% in the next five years, the demand for skilled criminologists is on the rise.

Community worker: Empower and support individuals within communities to improve their well-being and access essential resources. There is a 21.9% projected job growth in this industry in the next five years.

Probation officer: Help individuals reintegrate into society after serving time in correctional facilities, providing guidance and support for their rehabilitation.

Policy advisor: Play a vital role in shaping social policies aimed at addressing crime and promoting social justice in the community.

Crime researcher and analyst: Analyse crime data and patterns to aid law enforcement agencies in understanding criminal behaviour and developing effective strategies to combat crime.

Social worker/Counsellor: Support individuals and communities in need, making a direct and positive impact on their lives. There are currently 5000+ job opportunities available in Australia for social workers.


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