Exercise for study success.


Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat. When you have study goals you are determined to achieve, it’s easy to fall into this cycle. While it’s important to stay motivated to study, you need to look after your physical health too. Here’s how to find the right balance:

Stand up. Stretch. Breathe.
Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can pose significant health risks. According to SafeWork NSW, a quarter of the Australian population report they sit for more than eight hours per day.

Every hour or so, stand up, stretch and take some deep breaths. Stretching improves your energy levels, helping your mind and body to stay alert. If you’re feeling tired or can see the words on the screen starting to blur together, stretching is a quick and easy way to get a boost of energy.

Stretching also promotes blood circulation, which is wonderful for your overall health, including increased cell growth and improved organ function.

Be active. No excuses.
Regular exercise is equally as important as managing your study load. Contrary to popular millennial belief, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or a Fitbit to exercise. There are 1,440 minutes in a day – try and dedicate 30 of these to being active. Ride your bike to work. Go for a walk. Try a new team sport. There are countless options to choose from.

Set up a healthy workspace.
What does your study space look like? Make sure your study space ticks these three boxes:
1. Lighting – Your study space should be well lit. If you need some extra light, get your hands on a bright study lamp.
2. Screen – Make sure your screen is at the correct height. You shouldn’t be hunching over to type. Check your posture – are you sitting up straight?
3. Chair –It’s important to invest in a good chair. Make sure it’s comfortable, adjustable and supportive.

Now that you’re refocused, let’s smash those study goals. If you have any questions or want to chat about your study goals, contact your Student Advisors on 1300 050 935.

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