Find your purpose in life with a Social Science (Child and Community) degree.


Ever felt like you’re doing the same job day in and out, but it’s leaving you unsatisfied? Do you feel like you’re not living a life that provides a sense of meaning or purpose? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a study by Indeed/YouGov’s 2022 Workplace Happiness Survey, around 72% of employed Australians have felt unhappy at work over the past year. And you know what? A study by GoDaddy revealed that many Aussies are even open to switching to a job that resonates better with their passions.  

Ask yourself: What if your job could be more than just a way to pay the bills? What if it could be about giving back and making a real impact? This is where a career in social science becomes a game-changer. 


Giving back and helping others.

You know that warm feeling you get when you help others? It’s like a happiness boost, and it’s not just in your head – it’s real chemistry. When you lend a hand, your brain releases mood-enhancing chemicals that create a sense of fulfilment. 

Imagine turning that feeling into a career. Picture yourself making someone’s day better, every day. Whether you’re supporting individuals, guiding those in need, or working on community projects, you’re contributing to positive change. Social science careers offer this incredible opportunity to weave purpose into your daily life. It’s more than a job; it’s a chance to create a lasting impact.  


Finding a career that brings fulfilment.

Now, let’s dive into finding that dream career that not only ignites your passion, but also makes you feel like you’re truly making a difference. 

Think about a role that fulfils a need – one where your efforts directly impact individuals and societies, leaving them better than before. It’s like being a superhero for real-life challenges. Or picture yourself in a position that’s not just about profits, but also about giving back. A career where you can make your mark by serving others. 

Finding such a career might be easier than you think. And with the right mindset and guidance, you can uncover opportunities that resonate with your passions and values. It’s not just about what you do; it’s about the impact you create. 


A path to fulfilment with a Social Science (Child and Community) degree.

The desire to contribute and create positive change is a driving force for many individuals. This is where the Social Science (Child and Community) degree comes into play. 

Imagine yourself in roles that not only resonate with your passion but also empower you to leave a lasting impact. The Social Science (Child and Community) degree can turn these aspirations into your reality. Consider the impactful career opportunities that await.

  • Embrace the role of a social worker, offering support, counselling, and advocacy to individuals and communities in need. Become that ray of hope, guiding people through challenges with understanding and kindness. 
  • Seize the opportunity as a compassionate case manager, empowering vulnerable populations by coordinating services and creating tailored solutions that make their lives better. Your role will truly be a force for good. 
  • Step into the shoes of a youth worker, guiding and shaping the future of young individuals in need. Provide essential support, mentorship, and a path to brighter possibilities. 
  • Embody the role of an advocate, standing up for the rights and needs of those who can’t always speak for themselves. Your voice will be a force for positive change. 
  • Explore the field of employment services, helping individuals find meaningful work that aligns with their skills and aspirations. Your guidance would lead them towards fulfilling careers.
  • With a future in humanitarian aid and international relations, you’ll play a role in making the world a better place through your efforts and empathy. 
  • Channel your energy into the juvenile justice system, working towards rehabilitating young offenders and guiding them towards a better path in life. 
  • Engage in the realm of NGOs and charity work, dedicating your time and energy to causes that deeply matter, and making a real impact in people’s lives. 


Building a solid foundation at WSU Online.

A successful career in social science requires a toolbox of skills and abilities: critical thinking, research prowess, empathy, and cultural awareness – all vital ingredients for tackling complex social issues head-on, crafting solutions based on evidence, and connecting with diverse communities. 

At WSU Online, the Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) is here to equip you with exactly that. 

You’ll explore today’s challenges for children, families, and communities within the bigger picture of society. Dive into modern social issues and learn how cultural differences impact motivations and behaviours. Your natural empathy and dedication to helping others, especially children, will shine here. WSU Online’s approach is all about understanding people, listening well, and serving others. With this degree, you’re not just learning – you’re becoming an advocate for a brighter tomorrow. 

Remember that the key to finding your purpose in life lies in embracing your passions and using them to make the world a better place. At WSU Online, we’re empowering you to use your education to become a force for positive change. 


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