A nightly routine you can stick to.


When your work, family and study responsibilities are done for the day, it’s time to relax. A calming night time routine can help improve productivity, so it’s important to wind down properly at the end of each day.

By sticking to a routine, your body learns it’s time to slow down and prepare for a quality night’s sleep. This way, you’ll wake up recharged and fresh for the day ahead. Here are some of our top tips on creating a relaxed nightly routine that’s right for you.

Clean your study zone.

First up, decide on what time you’ll stop studying. This could be different each day depending on your personal commitments. Then, tidy your study space ready for your next study session. Clear space, clear mind. And guess what? It will only take 5 minutes at the end of each day.

Prepare for tomorrow.

For a more productive tomorrow, plan today. Whether it’s work, study or personal commitments, make a list of what you didn’t get done today and prioritise it for tomorrow. This small step can help you be more efficient and allow you to launch straight into your day. Perhaps even start with a small task, something you can easily do while sipping your morning coffee. This way you’ll tick something off your list and have a pleasant start to the day.

Wind down and disconnect.

In this fast-paced digital world it can be difficult to keep up. It can be even more difficult to switch off. Studies have shown that the use of bright screens before bed can even delay your body clock. So to properly wind down at night, it helps to disconnect from our devices, turn off our social media notifications and relax away from a screen.

Listen to some chill tunes.

Listening to calming music can help you relax and wind down before sleeping. You may respond best to classical music, acoustic covers, white noise or even whale sounds. Whatever works for you. This gradual transition from alert to sleeping will help promote a more quality night’s sleep.

Catch some zzz’s.

Sleep. We may not get enough of it, but we definitely need it. As ridiculous as it sounds, sleeping your way to the top is a beneficial strategy for study success. So don’t underestimate its importance in the maintenance of, not only your productivity, but also your mental health. We know it can be difficult when personal responsibilities, work commitments and assessments pile up. Just like when you were a kid, try and stick to a bed time and hit that pillow as early as you can.

Remember, keep it consistent. When possible, keep up a nightly routine that’s right for you. You’ll feel your mood boost and productivity improve in no time.

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