Is an online Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) right for you?


What kind of person does it take to study a Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community)?

Are you someone who empathises and communicates with people easily? Or maybe kids flock to you at your family get-together? Or perhaps you have a general interest in social justice and community development?

If one or all of these apply to you, then you may be the perfect fit for WSU Online’s Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community).

Safety and fairness are something every child deserves; however, it’s not always the reality for all children. This is why social work is so incredibly important, particularly with children and families. Our course aims to equip you with the skills to help combat existing and future social issues.

However, first, it’s essential to understand whether this path is a match for you. What kind of personality does this challenging but rewarding career need?

Who is right for this course?

Let’s start a checklist of qualities you’ll need to succeed in a social justice position.

Patience: You have a strong ability to remain patient in intense situations, especially with children.

Empathy: You can easily understand another person’s experience and point of view and respond to them with the appropriate sensitivity.

Cultural awareness: You are respectful of people’s unique cultural backgrounds and practices, and you’re open to continuous learning.

Effective communication: You can easily communicate with people and read and respond to verbal and non-verbal cues.

Resilience: You express resilience in stressful situations but can also take the time to look after your mental health.

Problem-solving: You are quick to find long-lasting and well-researched solutions.

If you’ve ticked off the following traits, social work with children and the community may be a perfect fit for you.

What kind of career outcomes can you expect?

Now that you’ve determined you’re a good fit for social work, it’s time to figure out which careers are available to you. By studying a Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community), you will have the opportunity to make an impact through:

🔎 Social work: Help disadvantaged children and families by providing counselling and essential support resources.

🔎 Community development: Empower individuals and families to pursue social change to create stronger and more connected communities.

🔎 Health and welfare services: Assist with delivering effective and sensitive healthcare practices that support disadvantaged children and families.

🔎 Education: Promote and facilitate inclusiveness within schools to cater for disadvantaged children and families.

🔎 Child and family services: Support children and their families during difficult times and build their individual long-term coping techniques.

🔎 Youth work: Connect with and support children, working with them to understand their issues and give them the tools to improve their emotional wellbeing.

🔎 Policy development: Advocate for disadvantaged, underrepresented and marginalised groups to change and implement policies that positively affect their lives.

Working with children and families is a rewarding but sensitive career path. You’ll have the unique opportunity to make a real and positive impact on young lives and the community. WSU’s 100% online Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) will act as your passport into the world of social justice, arming you with the knowledge to develop your confidence and competence in the field.

Still unsure if a Bachelor of Social Science (Child and Community) is right for you? Our expert Course Consultants can help you out.

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