The value of online learning.


You’ve taken the leap to online study. It’s a big step that will pay off.

Remember, a degree is always going to work in your favour. Here are the top reasons why a degree is right for you and your future.

Broaden your horizons.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 80% of people with a bachelor or postgraduate degree are likely to be employed. This is compared with 67% of people with a Year 12 school certificate as their highest level of education.

Plain and simple. Potential employers are more likely to consider hiring you if you are more qualified than your competition.

Earn more money.

Let’s be honest, while following your dreams and working in a fulfilling career is very important, it’s great if you can earn good money at the same time. According to a report by The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, someone with a university degree is likely to earn in excess of $1 million more in their lifetime than someone who hasn’t completed Year 12.

So, while the cost of a university degree can seem daunting, the return on investment of shouldering a HECS debt will pay off in the end. Quite literally.

Increase your appeal.

Having a degree on your resume when you’re applying for jobs is a great way to make yourself more marketable.

Think about it. If your employer can see that you’re dedicated and passionate enough to commit to a three or four year degree in your field, it’s likely your dedication and passion will transpire in a work environment too.

Improve your networking pool.

When you attend university, whether it be on campus or online, you meet plenty of amazing people who share your interests. Whether they are other students in your learning groups or the people teaching you, there are countless networking opportunities available.

Many students find that the connections they make while studying help them to get a job down the track. After all, it’s who you know in this world that counts!

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