Research pathway

The degree in Cyber Security and Behaviour allows you to conduct a specialised piece of individual research in an area of interest in cyber security. The research pathway can also be used to complete a major cyber security project.

How do I determine my research or project topic?

Students work closely with their supervisor to determine their research topic or workplace project. In collaboration with your supervisor, you should prepare a plan for managing your workload and schedule meetings (face to face or via teleconferencing) with your supervisor. You are expected to keep all meeting appointments and to attend prepared, having completed all agreed work.

How does it work?

The research component of this degree is equivalent to four full units of study, and as such covers approximately 480 hours over two consecutive teaching periods. These hours are spent:

  • Conducting research to produce a 3000 word literature review or draft pre-registration proposal
  • Writing a 6000-8000 word report in the form of a submission-ready journal article.

How am I assessed?

  1. Demonstrated bibliographic skills related to location and selection of literature appropriate to your research topic
  2. Application of conceptual skills in the formulation of your research proposal
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and skills associated with your chosen, relevant research method
  4. Displayed awareness of the ethical processes of research institutions and capacity to apply ethical practices to your research
  5. Application of appropriate methods of data analysis to research data
  6. Demonstrated rigor in drawing conclusions from research findings, and displaying competence in writing of a high quality research thesis.