Become the resilient student.


As a student, resilience is something that can help you grow, learn and better manage those inevitable ups and downs. We understand that studying is rewarding but can also be hard work. And it’s completely normal to sometimes feel like you need a well-sized serving of encouragement to keep going.

To help, we recently caught up with some of our Student Advisors to find out more about how you can gain back that motivation and get back into a positive study routine.

It all comes down to how you feel. As a student you will experience everything from the empowerment of motivation to the frustration of procrastination– this is normal. Acknowledging it is the first step.

Once you’re aware of how you’re feeling, the most important part is to figure out how you’re responding to those feelings. If you can put a new frame on a feeling, turn it into something positive, this is when you build resilience.

Our Student Advisors know all too well about the constant struggle students face with procrastination. They can help guide you, and turn procrastination into something positive. A good way of re-framing procrastination is by following their simple steps:

  1. Notice it’s happening.
    The first, and maybe most important step, is to realise you’re actually procrastinating. Understanding what you’re doing gets you one step closer to changing your behaviour.
  2. Understand what you’re feeling.
    Try to understand why you are feeling a certain way. And figure out why this led you to procrastinate.
  3. Create a visual reminder of why you’re studying.
    Similar to a mood board, try creating a visual representation of your study goal and why you want to reach this goal. Whether this is connected to the outcome you’re looking for or the journey you’ll experience along the way– it’s up to you.

And finally, the most important thing you can do is believe in yourself. And believe in the fact that you can do this. If you need some extra encouragement during your study journey our Student Advisors are here to offer advice seven days a week.

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